Family Portraits at the Guthrie Theater

Guthrie Theater

The Guthrie is a center for theatrical performances, education, and training in Minnesota.  It is dedicated to extraordinary actors in the performances of both classic and contemporary plays. 


The Guthrie Theater was founded by Sir Tyron Guthrie in 1963. It was inspired by the resident theater movement that contrasted the commercial environment like Broadway.  The original Theater was built behind the Walker Art Center. The Theater outgrew its original location and, without space to expand, they had to find a new location.  The new building was built on the Mississippi and completed in 2006. 


The new Guthrie Theater was designed by Jean Nouvel and combines the history of the Guthrie Theater and the historic industry of the neighborhood, keeping the original shell shaped theater of the original Guthrie building, but incorporating the Mississippi river with the “Endless bridge”. The Mill, with its grain silos, inspired the round sections of the exterior, while the square metal and glass give a modern twist to the industrial factories of the district.  

Family Portraits at the Guthrie Theater

The Guthrie provides an extremely modern location with minimalist design, large windows, small peek holes, broad curving hallways and straight lines. It provides endless opportunities to play with light and color in your portraits.