Mill City Museum Family Portraits

Mill City Museum

Mill City Museum is built inside of the ruins Washburn A Mill overlooking the riverfront and the dramatic views of Minneapolis. It is fun for all ages.

The Ruins

Mill City Museum is built in the ruins of the historic Washburn A Mill, which was the largest and most advanced flour mill in the world when it opened in 1880.  The mill was abandoned at the time when it burned down to its limestone shell in February, 1991.  Later the Minnesota Historical Society developed the museum on the site inside the building’s ruined frame. 


The museum is an interactive experience for all ages—climb the flour tower, taste the fresh bread in the baking lab, get your hands wet in the water lab as you explore the power of the Mississippi river, meet the people from history, and take in the view on the observation deck.  

Mill City Museum Family Portraits

The Mill City Museum is a fun place for portraits with its rugged limestone walls in both the lobby and the courtyard.  The observation deck also has a one of the best views of the Minneapolis skyline that can make an impressive backdrop.