Portrait Prints and Albums

My grandfathers old photo.

I have an old photo of my grandfather from when he was in the army sitting on my dresser where I can see it every day. I also had a photo of him three days before he died that I took on my cell phone. I don’t know if I still have that last photo of him, it may be on my server with thousands of other photos my wife and I have taken, or it may still be on my old cellphone that has not worked for years. It is sad that the technology of the 1940’s has outlived the technology of the last decade. I would not be surprised if you also have a story similar to this.

Losing the present

Thinking ahead, will your preschooler have any photos of herself at this this age on her photo table at her high school graduation party? Or, will they all be lost of old technology? Will your grand kids look at the USB drive that is labeled Family Photos 2019 and ask, “What is this funny looking thing? What do you do with it?” Will your great grandchildren have any photos of you sitting on their dresser, or will they all be lost in the cloud that drifted away as lost memories?

For the next generation

Printed family portrait prints and albums are the only way to be certain that there will be family photos passed down to the next generation. This is why I focus on creating prints and not just digital files. All of my sessions come with an album and / or a printed art piece to be displayed in your home. This will guarantee that they will last through the next change in technology, and they will be easy to find so they can be enjoyed by you, and your children, and grandchildren.   

Portrait Prints and Albums

When selecting printers and suppliers for my albums and framed artwork, I choose only the best, highest quality products that I can find. The quality of the prints is extremely important to me. I want the color, contrast, and density of the images to be spot on. I want the paper to be high quality and feel as special as the families printed on them. For this reason, I require all my work to be printed through labs that I have researched and chosen for their quality to guarantee you get the best from your photo session.

Digital images

But what about posting pictures on social media? I understand the need to be able to show your family off to friends and relatives on social media, and to your co-workers at work on your phone. For that, I provide web and social media formatted images of the session for you to share online.

How long will it take?

I also understand that you don’t want to wait 2-4 weeks to see your photos and another 4-6 weeks to receive your prints when you could have them printed through an online printer and receive them within a day or two. My portrait prints and albums are custom made by high-quality professional labs and framers, and they are not local to the Twin Cities, so they do take a little longer than a local 1-hour shop, but the quality is worth the extra days. All of your images are included in the album so I can get your order in quickly. That way you can receive a high-quality product that you will be proud to have displayed in your home in about 6 weeks.